Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ACCESSORIES : Rantai Basikal...hihi:)

Sbb ENTRY sblom ni dh PANJANG b'jela2....so utk yg kali ni sy akan buat yg RINGKAS SERINGKAS mungkin :)

-Starting WITH ths ques.....~~

Bile akan sy PAKAI semua ni??
My ANSWER is………

Depends on MY MOOD :)

MY NECKLACE (pix 1one, 2 two & 3THREE :))

~ My PEARL necklace ~

~MY FAV necklace that I wear frequently ~


ini bile MOOD itu datang...:)

Juge ader gambar2 lain di FB mayb :) ~klu u all perasan :)


Itu saje :)

TERIMA KASIH diatas MASA b'harga ANDA utk singgah di sini....

Sy SANGAT M'hargai nyer :)

Ok, sblom BYE

“The necklace is one of the most versatile accessories you can choose. Its ease of wear, combined with the wide range of necklace styles that are in vogue right now, means that you can find a necklace to go with any outfit, for any occasion….. :)”

By Heather Russell

-BYE- :)

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